Because a serious job shouldn't be take too seriously

In six years, I worked for six local authorities in the UK. Working in a highly paid, high stress environment, I lived out of the boot of my car in luxurious hotels, seedy B&B's and everything in between. This is my story.
Ryan Tracey Elearning manager,    Sydney, Australia

This is a thoroughly enjoyable warts'n'all account of working in the microcosm of local authorities.

Jonathan Senior's sardonic wit shines through the narrative as he explores the serious business of influence, collaboration, culture, ethics, and other key management themes under the guise of "Consultant".

This book is a must-read for anyone venturing into either a manager or consultant role. Beyond the humour is practical advice for getting the job done, regardless of the barriers that are constantly put up in front of you.

Alex Makarski, Toronto, Canada

Having been a consultant and a manager most of my professional life, I couldn't help but smile and giggle as I was going through Jonathan's stories "aggravations, idiocy, mediocrity and absolute lunacy" that you get to deal with in the field.

Bruce Newman  President

What a surprisingly excellent book.